I grew up in the small town of Truro N.S always having a love for art and technologies. I am a devoted artist who draws inspiration from bold real world environments and human history. I like to work with loose lines and desaturated colors to achieve a semi-realistic stylistic effect.

In the year 2014 I attended a provincial and then national competition for 2D flash animation. Placing gold provincially and bronze nationally in Toronto Ont.
After graduating high school with honors and achieving a medal of excellence in technologies, I attended daVinci College for 2D traditional animation in Fredericton N.B to complete a traditional portfolio. After the completion of 3 quarters I then moved to Halifax for 3D digital art to further expand my digital technology studies and pursue my passion for lighting and environments.

Throughout my career I’ve worked for political campaigns doing graphic design and photo editing, executing 2D traditional commission work for posters and tattoos, collaborating on 3D objects for various independent developers, and Partaking in GameJamHFX 2016 working with industry professionals.

I currently take odd design and freelance jobs and am always looking for new opportunities.


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