Church Progress


Low poly Church field scene

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Lady Maria Fanart

ref +Blocking in photoshop.lady maria 1.jpg

final piece:lady maria 3.jpgTried Paint Tool Sai for the first time today and It’s change my life. Would definitely recommend for illustration and line art, Will probably stick to colors in photoshop.

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Photoshop Editing

Bre Edit.jpg

My stunning model friend Bre Loree commissioned me to do some last minute photo touch ups today and needed the piece done within the hour!! (no pressure right??)

The original photo was Iphone quality (very grainy) with a few lighting and backdrop issues. Also did some skin, lash, and hair retouching for this beauty.

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Church Exterior


Blocking out my next project. Should be fun doing an exterior!! Can’t wait to seriously get started.

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Bug Robot Model


Forgot to post some renders of my bug robot from awhile ago. Tried making a fully functional gear system for the interior body of the bug.

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Frat- Creature Design

Can’t wait to finish this little guy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get him poly-painted and 3D printed in the near future!

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Old Attic Scene

Old Attic Scene


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